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All AboUt me [04 Jan 2002|01:36am]

1. Ur name please! (full name): Lisa Diane Kathryn Werner
2. Sex: female.
3. Birthday: 1~25~83
4. So that would make u how old?: 18 almost 19.
5. Zodiac sign: Aquarious.
6. Got any brothers or sisters?: yes
7. If so how many?: 2 sisters.
8. Color hair?: brown/red.
9. Color eyes?: brown.
10. Height: 5'4"

yr favorites ...

11. Candy: Skittles
12. Store: Old navy
13. T-shirt: my Godsmack Shirt that i got at the last show.
14. Show: Jerry Springer
15. Website: Jesusdressup.com, mulletsgalore.com, and uglypeople.com
16. Food: no special preference
17. Radio Station: 93.7x
18. Song: "Money For Nothing" Sevendust and "Recollection" Scapegrace
19. Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show.
20. Sport: getting ass lol J/k, bowling is cool too .

Either Or~

21. coke/pepsi: coke.
22. one/two pillows: 7.
23. vanilla/chocolate ice cream: chocolate.
24. brittney spears/christina aguilera: none, they should both be shot.
25. pretzels/chips: chips.
26. movie theater/renting movies: movie theaters, i get in free lol.
27. party/sleepover: sleepover.
8. e-mail/snail mail: email.
29. desert island/major city: deserted island
30. vhs/dvd: dvd.

Have U

31. smoked cigarettes: yes.
32. smoked weed: yes.
33. drank alcohol (just drank it not gotten drunk): yes.
34. gotten drunk: yes.
35: had sex? yes yes I love jer's waterbed haha.

Do U Have

36. Animals: 1 rottie Cleo.
37. A car: it's invisible right now.
38. A boyfriend/girlfriend: a gots me a boyfriend.
39. A cell phone: getting another one.
40. If so... does it have a cool design on it? nope but it will.

Who is...

41. the loudest person u know: ashfield or lea and karaline.
42. the quitest person u know: katie neary and steve.
43. the shyest: katie neary and john.
44. the most outgoing: carrisa.
45. the funniest: lea, jereme, and karaline.
46. the moodiest: lea sometimes lol.
48. the hottest: jereme (he's yummy).
49. busy all the time: lea .
50. daring: we are all daring lol.


51. Do u want to go to college?: i am in college.
52. Where? esu aka east screw you haha
53. Do u want to get married?: yes.
54. If so where do u want your honeymoon to be?: i want a cruise.
55. How many kids do u want?: 1 is plenty
56. What occupation would u like to work in?: music.
57. Do u hope to be sucessful?: sure why not.
58. Where would u like to live?: anywhere besides scranton.
59. Would u like to live in a big house or small house?: a big house.
60. What color house?: purple lol.

Other Questions I forgot up top

61. Favorite actress: Drew Barrymore .
62. Favorite actor: Broadway Bill hines lol and tom green.
63. Favorite boys names: jeremy, Ryan, Sully, and Dustain .
64. Favorite girls names: tristain, anjeia, therese, and Meranda.
65. Ur best friend (girl): Katie, lea, Carissa, and kelly.
66. Ur best friend (guy): tommy, John, Paul.
67. Favorite #: 2
68. Favorite color: silver, purple, black.
69. Favorite car: convertible (black)
70. Worst Band: Nstink
71. Best Band: Godsmack and Scapegrace
72. Dumbest person I know: Beckie, she's so dumb she couldn't find her way out of a paper bag haha.
73. Do you like to stretch? as much as i can :P

*I'm out Like a Fat KId in Dodge Ball* haha Balls ;P
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[04 Jan 2002|01:02am]
today was very eventful. i got a visit from my ex-boyfriend aka fred. he wanted to see if i was ok. It was a short visit. then i went to denny's with erin, mark, kelly, ronnie, and cherie. It was funny, we played snood at the table on kelly's gameboy's advance. Then we met lea and leslie at the movies, we saw The Majestic and met Hal the horse haha lea, nay. (I'm sorry kell). During the movie me and lea snuck out to use the phone. I had to call the sigificant other. He was talking about hanging himself cause he's strange like that, i'm gonna kick his ass for that one. Then lea called the Jerry Springer show. They are calling Beckie tommrow lol cause lea made up a story that was funny. (It involved incest, Need i say more?. Then we went in the pottie and we found green poop lol, and lea stuck a plunger to the wall. Deek stunk like elephant dung haha. Then we went back to the movie lea fell asleep, she snored lol. The i threw wrappers at lea haha. Kelly thinks that lea is known for sleeping threw movies like when she saw unbreakable with kelly and todd. Now lea is here and her feet smell lol J/k. we got pizza and i got a live journal. yay!! it's been a lovely night but it's time for bed good night everyone.

quote for the day~> "Jesus loves you but everyone thinks you are an asshole."
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[04 Jan 2002|12:49am]
i have a live journal. how do i look?
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